Basic Steps to Better Skin

If you’ve been a little follower of my blog, you’ll understand all my troubles and woes I have with my skin. I must be the most hormonal female on the planet.

I’ve tried all sorts of tablets, skin care, makeup, foods…all sorts. But I THINK I have found things that actually work! Finally! A breakthrough has been made!

These suggestions are very easy to follow, and a few if not all of these are bound to sort you out.


#1 Sleep

Everyone says you should get at least 8 hours in a night, which is rather true, but this is also to do with what time you sleep. If you got up early on the Monday morning then stayed up really late Monday night, then your skin’s going to suffer and get tired and all dark circley. So make sure you stick to a routine. I used to be wide awake until about 3am every night, which obviously made me wake up later. Working evening shifts till 1:30am does that to you. Yay.

NOW though, I’m in bed by about 11 and usually asleep by 12, and it’s much better for my skin. They don’t call it “beauty sleep” for no reason. Make sure you snooze properly and on time, and your skin will be able to rest and repair itself whilst you dream.




#2 Drink lots of fluids – especially herbal tea

I personally don’t find water very exciting at all…so I put my hands up and fully admit that I probably don’t drink 2 litres a day. Whoops. I just don’t find it exciting! If you’re in the same boat as me, you can always have squash or put some lime or elderflower cordial in it to make it taste better. Also cold water is much nicer than room temp, so you can always stick a bottle in the fridge overnight, or stick some ice in there.

What I tend to drink instead, which is actually AMAZING for you, is lots and lots of herbal tea. You can have fruit tea too, but I prefer the herby ones. I’m actually drinking a mint one right now!

They are absolutely full of goodness and antioxidants, and they help you flush out all the toxins. Different teas do different things, for example peppermint helps with digestion and camomile is very calming. Any combination at all proves so so good for you skin, as they’re really healthy and just plants and hot water basically! You’re getting your water but tastier, and it actually does more for you. Most of them are naturally caffeine free too which is good, as too much caffeine is a big no no.

Marks and Spencers do an amazing tea collection that’s tasty and cheap. But my personal favourite tea brand is Clipper. The boxes are really pretty to look at too. Look at this pretty slideshow yayyy.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


#3 Spend more money on make up and skincare


Now you’re probably thinking “why the hell would I want to do that?” And trust me, no one does, even though it makes you feel posher than you actually are. But this is one of the biggest and most interesting things I’ve ever discovered.

14/15-year-old me was a lover of cheap and drugstore brand make up. The now 20-year-old me most certainly isn’t. The reason for this, is cheap make up is full of crap basically. It’s full of weird chemicals and oils to bulk things up. Also, cheaper foundations don’t last long at all, so you end up re-applying more and more, therefore making your face manky and oily.

If you invest a little more in good make up, there’ll be actual real ingredients and less chemicals – there’s a reason they’re more money, and that reason is that they’re better! Also going for more natural make ups, like something from The Body Shop or Dr. Hauschka, will be much better for you skin as well, so have a shop around.

In terms of skincare and face washes etc, exactly the same things stand. Cheap face washes and moisturisers are oily and don’t really tend to do anything. So have a look for a better one, that dermatologists recommend. I personally use a lot of La Roche-Posay! Absolutely amazing, and Frennnnnch and scientific. Lovely stuff.





#4 Eat healthy

You’re probably rolling your eyes as this is obvious. I’m not saying “only ever eat fresh fruit and veg” because I know that isn’t realistic for anybody at all. What I DO mean is stay away from greasy and sugary foods, because both will cause breakouts.

Chocolate especially will make you spotty because there’s a lot of sugar and rubbish in it, and things like cheese and pizza etc will do the same thing. Oily food = oily skin – it affects you from the inside, out.

It will help you a lot to avoid foods like this and just cut those things out.

For me, one thing that makes he horrendously spotty is energy drinks! I used to love these and drink them a lot, but the energy drink Relentless literally makes me spotty immediately, and on the same day. Avoid those! Have tea instead!

Here, have a rainbow.




#5 Take your makeup off every night


This is sooooo important. If you leave it on and you sleep in it, your skin will just start absorbing it all and get affected. I do sometimes do this if I’m really really tired though and I do start developing spots later on in the day. Yuck. Eyes it doesn’t matter as much obviously (but you don’t want an infection!!), make sure allll your foundation comes off and you cleanse and tone after to get those last little bits.

One thing I do, is once I get home from work I’ll take it off (as I don’t need makeup on in my house while I eat and watch films). Your skin will really appreciate that extra breathing time, and you’ll notice a difference.

Which brings me on to….


#6 Have makeup-free days


Whether it’s at the weekend or during the week, having a couple or a few days of no face paint will prove amazing!! I do hate doing that the first day but after a couple I get used to my face pretty much and I realise I actually don’t look as bad as I think!

Giving your skin a break from make up really, really helps. It’s all about that time to breaaaaathe.




#7 Clean clothes and good detergent

This one is a no-brainer, but this is for bad skin on your body. I’m one of those unlucky sods who will sometimes get spots and redness on the back of my shoulders and sometimes legs (and butt wahhh). Make sure you’re wearing clean clothes and change regularly. With things like jeans you can usually get away with a few days of wear with no damage, but if you wear the same T shirt for a few days then your skin may start to suffer on your back and shoulders. Also make sure your underwear is light and ideally cotton. As pretty and comfy as silkier or lace underwear is, your skin will react badly if you ever get a bit sweaty! A light material will prevent trapped sweat etc from making you spotty on there.

Also make sure your washing powder is good for you. I sometimes react to certain washing powders which will bring you out in itchy red spots. So make sure you find and use a good one with little chemicals.


#8 Clean bed sheets


Same thing really. Make sure your bed sheets are changed regularly so they’re nice and fresh on your skin. Again, people get sweaty whilst they sleep and leftover makeup and residue get stuck on your pillow which can transfer to your face which is a big no no for your pores. 

Washing your sheets every couple weeks and putting fresh ones on will definitely help you. Again, cotton is better.

Fresh sheet night is one of the most satisfying things ans most satisfying sleeps you’ll get!




These little steps will really help you out. Some more than others. Also have a look round at some skin tablets that may help you too.

Staying as stress-free as you can and taking care of your skin will make you feel a lot more confident!



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