10 Things To Do At The Weekend

I don’t know about you, but I used to be sooooo stuck for things to do on days off or weekends.

Firstly, I worked alllll weekend in previous jobs, so couldn’t do a lot anyway! And then I’d find that I’d plan on going out and being active and outdoorsy, and then I’d lounge around and play videogames or watch films instead.

Now, I’m a bit better at it! I have a good balance at the moment. I just want to go go gooooo outside because I hate sitting around and wasting a day off in front of a screen, as there’s screens in front of me at work all the time.

So I thought I’d share with you what I generally try and do at weekends. If you don’t have a partner, these are all lovely things to do yourself for a bit of quiet time and fun before work hits again on Monday. Ugh.




#1 Go shopping!

Or, if you’re a pauper, go round charity shops. A lot of people judge charity shops but they’re so so good. One tip I have, is go to charity shops in posh areas. Because there’ll be some good stuff in there. Hehe. Or another thing, if you’re a true, TRUE pauper, you can go window shopping and make a list of nice things to get on pay day. I have an ever-growing list of that on my phone…

It gets you out of the house and you get to look at pretty things.




#2 Go for a walk

Whether it’s bright and sunny or a bit grey, or even if it’s raining, I will STILL go out…in fact, I prefer rainy walks! If you’ve got the gear for it, it doesn’t matter if it’s a little drizzly! Take a pooch if you have one, or simply stroll around.

I’m lucky enough to have rivers, forests and coast all 15 minutes within where I live, but even just getting out of the house for a little stroll will do you a lot of good. Take a camera too so you can document it all.

A little half hour walk to get you out of the house is good enough if you’re not a big walker – at least that way you’ll get at least some fresh air. Or you can follow a book like Dorset Walks and go to some amazing places for hours. Smash out a big 5+ mile one if you can!

#3 Collect seashells (or flowers and leaves if you don’t live on the coast)

Something I’ve been doing forever, ever since I was a little sproglet. It’s so sweet, and not just for kids either. It’s so nice looking for different types and patterns. I have a huge gem stone and seashell collection, and I store them in large Kilner jars that were bought cheap from Ikea, which actually looks so good! For leaves, if you try and do the same thing it’ll just be a jar of brown so…maybe not. You can always start a good old fashioned leaf or flower press book. I’ve always wanted to start one of those, to document amazing walks I’ve been on. And it’s something you can hold on to forever. Your grandchildren probably won’t find it as fascinating though, (screens will have taken over the world by then).



#4 Sketching or painting

This is for those rainy days indoors. Make a cuppa, put Harry Potter on, and have a doodle. Even if you’re not good – everyone means it when they say practise makes perfect. Also, watercolour painting is such a stress reliever. Even if you’re not a true artiste, just blending and mixing colours to make prettier ones is fun. And you’ll get sucked into it easily. Also, a lovely thing to do sat in the garden on a brighter day. As long as no leaves or insects land in it…

#5 Go to the cinema

Me and my partner are quite bad…we go a lot. And cinemas are NOT cheap these days. It would appear Cineworld is cheaper than Odeon and Vue at the moment, so head to one of those if you can. Also, just a warning, the cinema industry like to be horrible and charge you extra for blockbusters because they know people will pay it!

There are a loooot of good films out these ideas, as cinema has grown so popular at the moment, so there’s bound to be something you’ll find to watch. We switch things up a bit, and watch all sorts of genres.

Again, if there’s no one to go with, it’s still fun by yourself! I’ve gone to the cinema on my own lots, and you can sit there munching and quietly enjoying it.



#6 Baking

Again, this is a rainy day thing (even though we’ve basically had an Indian summer in the UK this year). Rather than sit around eating crisps, baking is such a cosy thing to do that keeps you active but keeps you out of the wet. If you have someone to bake with, it’s always fun and a lot quicker! If not, put some music on loudly and have a kitchen sing and dance whilst you mix. Or even the radio. Do it all with a cuppa. Baking books are always amazing – at the moment I use the Tanya Bakes book by Tanya Burr, which is at a price of around £14.99. What I love about it is how simple the recipes are and how little ingredients you need (because with a lot of recipes, it proves expensive because you need a truck load of different things). Another popular way of baking is to follow video tutorials. Then after, you can sit and watch a film whilst munching on the bakes. Nom nom.

#7 Yoga

I personally go a yoga class on Sunday mornings, 11-12pm. It’s such a good start to the day, and really really does stretch you out. But you can do it for an hour in the afternoon. If you’ve been a bit bored and stuck inside, and you’re feeling sluggish, it’s a good way to wake you up again and keep you active. If it’s good weather, take a mat outside and do it there. If not, indoors in the warm it is!



#8 Go somewhere touristy, for example an art museum

We’re members of the National Trust, so we can go to stately homes and posh places for free. For a young person’s membership it’s about £30 a year, and we’ve DEFINITELY got our money’s worth already. If you don’t live anywhere with National Trusty places, there’s bound to be other places of interest and historical sites to visit. Every town has some kind of history!

Art museums are my favourite type – I love art and having a building full of all the different types is just lovely. There’ll be lots around my different artists, and it could inspire you to be creative. I also like playing “spot the art student or lover”. You can usually tell by the way someone’s dressed if they’re an artist themselves or not, especially if they’re a student, and also by the way they’re admiring the art!

#9 Picnics

If you’re a bit strapped for cash, go on a nice picnic. You can get a good old Tesco Meal Deal and go somewhere nice. In bright, sunny weather, I suggest you go outside (somewhere away from wasps) – a nice green or lake or somewhere. When it’s raining or grey, have a car picnic! Me and my dad used to do these every weekend. We’d drive to somewhere in the forest or to a quay, and sit with the radio on and the heating up. We always had a big flask of hot chocolate or tea and sit munching away listening to the rain. It’s something I wish I did more, but me and my partner usually eat before or we go to a little pub for food instead.

This is what British picnics look like:


#10 Pamper evening

This is a Sunday night ritual for me. I do baths, scrubs, face masks, hair masks, nails. Keep yourself busy Sunday night, otherwise you’ll end up just sat there in front of the TV thinking about Monday. Ew. Have a nice bubble bath or a hot blast in the shower and do eeeeeverything so that you can wake up fresh faced in the morning to take on the week. At the moment I love the new Superfood face masks from The Body Shop. They’re allll exotic, a few being Himalayan Charcoal, Ethiopian Honey, Chinese Ginseng…there’s a small variety and each mask does a different thing. As they’re very new they’re about £15 each at the moment, and so so worth it. And my boyfriend actually asked me if we could buy and share one!

When you go to bed all scrubbed and dubbed, it gives you a much nicer feeling. And you won’t look so much like an MMM (a Monday Morning Monster)!!!



Try these little tips when you next have a day off or a spare weekend! Just keep yourself busy and make the most of the weekend. If you sit around doing nothing, then all your life is, is working and watching TV!!!






I do not own these images, they were found on the internet




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