Why You Should Drink Herbal Tea

Green tea, chamomile tea, peppermint tea, chai tea….

There are many in the world, but these are a few of the herbal teas that most people are familiar with.

A couple of years ago, I went through a bit of a green tea phase – I would drink it all day every day, and it worked wonders. It’s full of antioxidants and nutrients, and at the time my skintone was even and I felt a lot healthier.

But alas, lately I’ve slipped! I find myself drinking more normal tea and coffee and coming home to open a bottle of wine after a long day at work. And now my under-eyes are rather purple and my digestion is crap and I just look and feel a bit rubbish!


I’ve decided to go back to le cups of le herbs. And I want to share with you WHY you should do it too. After all, I am The Tea Fairy!




1) It’s generally a lot cheaper than normal tea


A lot of herbal teas come quite cheap, often around £2 a box depending on what brand you go for, and which tea. M&S do some lovely ones (and a good chamomile!), which are often this price, and everyone knows that M&S are good for their food and drink. Clipper is also very good, and I have a secret passion for the artwork on their boxes…

When you look at other brands – like Teapigs, which are lovely but bordering on £6 a pop sometimes – and other, fancier, blends you’ll have to pay more, but this will still work out a lot cheaper than getting yourself some good old English Breakfast tea bags to keep you going throughout the day.




2) It helps you lose weight


Now if that isn’t a good enough reason to start drinking it…


There are lots of these 14 or 28 day plans about now where you basically go on a tea detox, that helps you lose weight during this time. These have always proved to be very popular. For example, Holland and Barrett are promoting the Boo Tea diet a lot now.

But you COULD just buy yourself some good, detoxing herbal and fruit tea bags and do it that way instead. A lot of these plans can cost around £30, whereas a box of 20 peppermint tea bags is around £2.

It helps you to lose weight by flushing out all the rubbish in your body, and burning the fat away. They contain so many antioxidants and vitamins too. I DEFINITELY recommend trying it out.



3) It’s a great alternative if you don’t like water


If you’re a fusspot like me, and you’re not thrilled or exhilarated by the taste of tap water, then herbal tea provides a great alternative. Some blends are very soft and don’t have a really stronggggg herby taste. Also, it’s obviously tea, so how long you leave the teabag in is up to you!

If you leave it in for a tiny bit and just give it a little stir, you’ll get boiling water that at least has some taste and extra goodness to it. Which means you can keep hydrated but also detox at the same time.




4) Some of them can taste like Ribena!


Not only are there lots of herbal teas (which I personally prefer) but there are also lots and lots of fruit teas.

Strawberry seems to be a very common flavour in fruit infusions, such as strawberry and kiwi. I have a Sainsbury’s blend in my kitchen of strawberry, cranberry and raspberry – which is super sweet and has the most lovely colour!

Also it’s hot water, so some fruit teas can taste like warm ribena or nice fruit juices. They hold the same detoxing properties and goodness, and lots of people actually prefer the taste of fruit teas to herbs.




5) They actually improve your health – a lot


Certain teas help cure certain sicknesses and boost your immune system; this may sound like old wives’ tales, but a lot of studies have proved that this is true.

Peppermint tea has been used for centuries as a means to improve your digestion, and prevent nausea. When I was struggling with IBS earlier this year, I drank a LOT of peppermint tea in the day, which really helps settle your stomach. It also helps to flush out a lot of nasties.

Elderflower tea is said to cure colds! And I know so many people struggling with them at the moment with this on-off, cold-wet weather.

Chamomile tea helps you sleep, or at least helps you relax and wind down a lot easier at night time. Rather than take some water to bed with you or just having your bottle of beer still there, try making a small cup of chamomile – or a blend with chamomile in it – to see if it helps you drift off.




6) You can feel cute, because you’re basically drinking flowers


Yep. Tea is obviously made from plants, and lots of herbal teas are made with flowers too. Which is just so cute. 

Chamomile is a flower that’s basically a daisy, and has a lovely fresh taste. Also elderflower is becoming more and more popular in teas. Whittard’s do a lovely range in their store – one of my favourites being their apple and elderflower tea. 

Also jasmine teas are very traditional and popular, and a lot of health blends contain hibiscus.

We can’t be all Instagrammy and sprinkle flowers into our cups every morning because that would be impractical, but you can pretend…




7) You can have a caffeine boost, or go caffeine-free


A lot of teas contain caffeine to give you that boost when you need it, but a LOT of them now have been made decaf. A lot of brands are entirely caffeine-free, which is even better for you.

My body often doesn’t agree with caffeine – I’ll have a coffee in the morning and that’s all I can have for a while. If you’re drinking herbal or fruit teas to help you wind down, then you don’t want to particularly be kept awake I’m guessing.

Also if women are pregnant, then they have to avoid caffeine, and whereas teas provide such an amazing benefit to their immune system it’s amazing that they can still enjoy them.

Rose tea is one of my favourite caffeine-free beverages.




This has just been a quick post about why I love herbal tea so much. There’s a lot more information online about all the different benefits and nice blends to try.

It isn’t for everyone, as the tastes can be very distinct and full on – but there’s one out there for everyone! 

Have a wander down the tea aisle at your local supermarket and you’re bound to find something cheap that you like.




I do not own any of these images, they were found on the internet











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