Basic Steps to Better Skin

If you’ve been a little follower of my blog, you’ll understand all my troubles and woes I have with my skin. I must be the most hormonal female on the planet. I’ve tried all sorts of tablets, skin care, makeup, … Continue reading Basic Steps to Better Skin

The Best Skincare in the World

I’m not joking. I’ve tried everything and this is the best skincare I’ve ever used. I’m one of those unlucky sods who started getting spots when I was 10 (I was literally the first in my class to go through puberty) and 10 years on I still haven’t quite managed to shake them. I don’t really have acne as such or redness, I just get hormonal imbalances that make my skin angry, and everything in the world gets to my skin. I eat and sleep well, but nope, they’re still there. I’ve tried anything imaginable. Clearasil, Simple, Clean & Clear, prescription … Continue reading The Best Skincare in the World