Cute Bath Bomb Haul

So I’m currently sat on my bed munching on Doritos (tangy cheese of course) and drinking Pepsi Max, despite smashing out a veeery tough but good workout at the gym this morning with my partner. But it’s fine, we’ll go again soon and burn it all off.

THE POINT IS: last week I was exploring a tiny boutiquey and rather posh area of my home town (where I used to work). I was at the hairdressers and when I met up with my mum afterwards, she had a little pink paper bag in her hand. She said “oh I got some bath bombs for your cousin for Christmas”. It was a paper bag that said BOMB on it. I got so excited…

Bomb Cosmetics is a bath and beauty company that has a very similar ethos and same feel as Lush (and everybody loves Lush – which means everybody needs to try Bomb!). Everything is 100% handmade and cruelty free. Everything is completely vegan, and Bomb refuses to supply their products to any countries that require animal product testing, which I think is so interesting. Their website mentions they supply to 72 countries at the moment, and they do wish to extend further but they simply won’t because of that reason. I want more people to realise you can have products just as good, that don’t require animal testing or non-vegan ingredients. The world is changing!

Anyway, back to my story.

After I’d found out my mum had bought Bomb Cosmetics products, I immediately demanded where from, as in the whole time I worked in that area I had no idea. I’ve gotten so into looking after myself skin and beauty wise and I’ve been looking for lovely bath bombs for ages. I’d looked online at Bomb Cosmetics, and people selling them through eBay, but it’s not the same without smelling them! Mmmmm. We went back to the shop, which was a really cool kind of designer greetings card and homeware/frippery/gift shop – the kind I love. We went down a little staircase into the basement room, and the back wall was COMPLETELY lined with shelves of bath bombs. I actually gasped. I didn’t get to take a photo though, it was too dark 😦

I said I would limit myself to 4, which actually turned into 5 and a soap, and a promise to go back again. Everything was about £2.45 each, which is much cheaper than Lush bombs and much cuter. 

Although this isn’t a huge haul (because I would have 100% got about 10 but I have nowhere to store that many), it’s still a cute little haul.

Please excuse the photographs – I’ve just upgraded cameras and I’m still getting the hang of it. Also the lens I bought doesn’t work properly, so most of these photos are from my iPhone!



Look how adorable they are!!! I went for a mix. They did have some amazing cupcakes and all sorts of cute shapes, but I’m one of those hipsters who likes pastel colours and also dainty decorations a lot of the time.


Firstly I’d like to ask you all to ignore my growing out ombre acrylics….

This is number one. Raspberry Pav-lover. The names Bomb choose are so cute, lots of wordplay. . I can’t wait to shove this in a bath. I want to see if the tiny coloured stars will float around or not. It smells very faintly of jam and soap; a nice sweet bomb.




Next we have Flying High. I love little red toadstools! Hang on a minute though…mushrooms…high..? *winks at Bomb Cosmetics* Still! A cute name and a cute look. It honestly smells of bath, that’s the only thing I can think of! A nice musky powdery smell.



On to Lavender Musk. I don’t care if it’s for pot pourri or the 60+ age bracket in most cases. One of my absolute favourite smells is lavender, and I use lavender essential oils in my bath too. The little flower at the top is beautifully hand crafted too. I think I’m going to save this one to use last.



I am so sorry about picture quality D’: (stupid Amazon sellers sending faulty camera lenses). But this one fits the name: Fab-U-Lous! It looks good enough to eat, and does smell sweet and chocolatey. The little sprinkles on top add such a cute and lovely touch.



Nature’s Candy. This one is so quaint, and has a beautifully handcrafted pink rose in the middle. The colours are nice and pale and pastelly, just how I like them. In a weird way, it smells like grandmas! A kind of talcum powdery, soapy, sweet smell. I know these are awful smell descriptions but it’s hard to describe a smell!

That’s all my bath bombs! Now on to the soap that I didn’t need at all but wanted rather badly…


Jack the Rippler! Hehe. A bit grim but silly, so it’s fine. There was a table absolutely full of soaps, but I was drawn to this one straight away. Just listen to Bomb’s product description on the back of it:

“Swathed in an exfoliating coconut coat, this soap is a killer! With a pure Coconut and Evening Primrose oil to moisturise and condition, this is one stranger you won’t mind meeting in your bathroom.” 

If you’re not familiar with Jack the Ripper, from Victorian London history, I suggest you look him up, then you’ll understand!

I have a coconut obsession, that I will make a post about itself. I eat and drink it, I put it on my body and in my hair, I spray it on…so I can’t wait to use this cute soap. The edge looks like proper desiccated coconut which adds a nice foodie and natural touch.


That’s it! My haul post is done. I was going to make a YouTube video describing them all, but without a working lens my expensive new camera isn’t much use now is it *sarcastic thumbs up*.

I wish I could buy more, and I could have done, but I’m trying to be a responsible adult now and manage money better, because I do buy a looooot of health and beauty products.

Please please PLEASE check out Bomb Cosmetics – it’s such a lovely company with great values and ideas. I actually applied for a job there a little while ago, that’s how much I love them.




All photos are my own, products owned by Bomb Cosmetics

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