My Morning Routine

I have no idea if this will be of  interest to anyone! But I know I love watching these types of videos on YouTube (for example Tanya Burr and Raw Alignment).

Just thought I’d share it anyway! Here is my daily morning routine…


#1 My alarm goes off and I cry inside

Nah I’m joking. I’m just a very deep sleeper so whenever I get woken up by a “beep beep beep” it’s always a shock to the system. I can’t just get up on one alarm like some gurus out there. I set an alarm for half 6, and then 7. I wake up at 7 fully and have a scroll through Instagram or catch up on YouTube videos – or check Facebook as if it’s the morning news. I can actually get ready in record time, so if I’m particularly tired I can sometimes snooze a bit more and plan to do make up on the bus. Teehee.


#2 Have a wee, then wash my face (and hands of course), followed by teeth brushing

I’m like an old lady, and I don’t usually have a drink before bed? Have to get there first, then walk across the hall and wake myself up. I wash my face with the La Roche-Posay Purifying Foaming Gel cleanser. I wet my face with warm water to open up my pores, and rinse the cleanser off with cold coooold water to wake myself up and seal the pores up again. (If you weren’t aware how much I love La Roche-Posay, I suggest you take a look…


After cleansing my face and patting it dry, I then brush my teeth straight away. Because usually I don’t start on brekky brek until I get to work. I use one of the cheap and very effective pulsating toothbrushes that are only about £4 from drugstores and supermarkets. And I use the Oral B 3D White Luxe toothpaste, which is an absolute Godsend. There’s the Healthy Shine one or the Glamorous Shine, and I use the first one. Although I brush my teeth twice a day like a normal person (and I hope you do, reader…) my teeth aren’t exactly blindingly white. The reason for this is I’m British…which means lots of tea and coffee!! And also I just have unlucky teeth which means the slightest slurp or nibble will slightly discolour them. So this toothpaste genuinely is amazing. I might get the mouthwash too.


#3 I toddle back to my room and grab my towel

Because I love pyjamas, I try and stay in them as long as possible. But this is where we must part ways. I grab a towel (usually a very colourful one) and go downstairs. Luckily no one’s really awake just yet, so I can normally get first go in the shower. I have a nice hot shower, where I use either my Paul Mitchell Shampoo One, which is a gentle wash shampoo from the hairdressers which is great for product build up, or my OGX biotin and collagen shampoo which gives a lovely, healthy bounce and shine.

After that, I condition with either the Paul Mitchell: The Conditioner, which is a leave in one, or the Loreal Elvive Clay one – I do usually get quite greasy roots and dry ends, which is exactly what that Clay collection tackles. I mainly use this one, as you do have to be careful with leave in products due to build up.

I then wash my body with the Dead Sea body wash. I absolutely love this range – it’s all focused around Dead Sea salt and minerals from Yarden, it’s so pure! Very very strong and tingly (so be careful where you wash with it hehe) and such good value too, around £7.50! I’ve only ever seen their products in Boots, and they’re usually hidden at the bottom of a shelf somewhere in a corner. So I really want people to be aware of this range, as it’s really and genuinely helped my skin.

If I need waking up more, I use the Dead Sea body scrub. There’s literally just 2 ingredients. 2! Sea salt, and Frankincense oil. A proper amazing, hard scrub.

#4 I run upstairs with my towel because my house is freezing

Seriously, especially as the months are finally getting colder, and we have quite a big, old house, so warmth just isn’t a thing. It doesn’t exist here. I usually just shove my wet hair up into a bun and worry about it later. I dry my bod bod off and pick out my outfit. Usually something quite laid back and hippie-ish (I will do a style post soon too), as my work is very laid back about what people wear. My work outfit usually consists of skinny jeans (Topshop or Zara) and a nice top and hippie hoodie with espadrilles or Toms. This will change as the seasons become a little more festive though. I get dressed for warmth then go on to the next step.

#5 I commence with the hard task of drying my hair

This I dread every morning…I have so much hair, that’s very thick and tangles easily. It’s not long at all, but it’s still a mane. So it’s usually wet in parts for hours. I vigorously towel dry it for ages, then blast it with my Nicky Clarke hairdryer and diffuser (to get them beach waves of course). I can never actually dry all of it properly, and will never be able to. *sad face*. So I just accept it and hope the rest dries naturally on the bus. It also turns into a kind of bouffant at first, as I blow dry upside down for that exxxxtra volume. And then I look silly until it settles down. At this point, everyone else has been woken up by my hairdryer now *thumbs up*


#6 More skincare

My face gets very red and patchy in the shower, because the water flow is quite hard and also I have it hawwt. So if I wash my face now, it just makes it even redder for some reason (that’s why I wash my face first thing). I soothe it with the La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water spray, a lovely cold little spritz of goodness. After it’s dried, I then use their Effaclar Duo gel, which sorts out any unevenness or blemishes. Nice and soooothing.

#7 I attempt yoga/use Headspace!

Whilst I wait for all that skincare to absorb and make me a pretty princess, I get my new yoga mat out (or just sit on my bed) and attempt some simple yoga stretches. I’m really trying to get good at it, because I’m probably the least flexible person on the planet. Also where I sit down all day for work, I try and keep active outside of it all. I usually just Google or YouTube some quick routines, because I’m trying to find the right one at the moment. If I don’t feel like doing it, another thing I’ve gotten into is the Headspace APP. It’s free, and is a type of meditation where you have commentary and instructions on how to relax and feel grounded etc. It proves extreeeemely useful if you work in a stressful job like me, as it gives you a bit of focus.



#8 Face painting time!

I look forward to this so much. I love loooove putting my make up on; I use different colours every day because it’s fun to experiment. Often I do have completely make up free days, but I do enjoy wearing it (my bank account doesn’t enjoy buying it though).

I do the full thing really. Foundation, powder, contour, blush, highlight, eyebrows, eyeshadow, eye liner, mascara, lip liner and lipstick or lipgloss. I know I don’t need all of that, but I like it! Plus my skin is naturally rather yellowy and pale and dull, and I have veeery dark eye circles (which I do try and treat every night). I change foundations quite often, and usually flit between Mac Pro Longwear or Estee Lauder. But lately I’ve tried something a little lighter, which is the Urban Decay All Nighter Foundation. A little cheaper than the others and less full on. I’m shade 2.0 (cause I’m a proper pale English rose!) Look how awesome the bottles are! And you can actually see how much is left/has been used.


For contour/blush/highlight I use the same palette. And that’s the Tanya Burr Rosy Flush Cheek Palette – it has all 3! And they’re such lovely, dewy colours. Such a good price too, about £8.


I’m also a huge fan of Nyx coloured eye liners. I use a lot of blues and silvers as I now have grey lilac hair, eeeep! Also I use the Morphe or Too Faced eyeshadow palettes at the moment. I will do a fulllll make up post soon, but it’ll take ages as I have so much D:

#9 Bag packing

I will admit, I’m one of those women who fills a bag unnecessarily. I take a looooot of crap with me. All my make up and brushes take up a lot of room, and I also take a book or comic for quieter minutes at work or lunches. I pack body spray and deodorant and dry shampoo and all sorts basically. I also choose what tea to take in. We do have all sorts at work, but I could just take my own in rather than pay! I have a massive herbal tea collection and I take a box in a day where I can have a couple. I do have normal breakfast tea too, but I love herbal ones (again, another post will be made just to show how many I have)!



#10 Grab my things and head to the grindstone

Hi-ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go. I put my headphones in and head to the bus stop!  I like walking there because it’s usually very crisp and a bit cold, which I love. I sit quietly on the bus listening to my tunes (usually from game soundtracks), and get in the right mindset for the day (which means mentally prepare for 9 hours of angry customers). One day more…another day, another destiny. At least I have a cuppa and breakfast to look forward to when I arrive! It gets me through life, honestly.




Also, I need this mug…




There you go! That’s my morning routine usually. But if I feel lazy or shower/bath the night before, I skip a lot in the morning and do my make up on the bus (a skill I am veeeery good at).


Try a few of these tips and products out, and you’ll be properly awake by the time you start school/work/your day in general! Let me know what you think, or even any more tips you have.






I do not own these images, they were found on the internet

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