My Favourite Cookies

So I don’t know if you’ve heard of this company, but it’s adorable. I think the produce is just so cute and lovely!

If you haven’t heard of Emma’s Country Cakes, please look them up.

It was set up by a lady (Emma, funnily enough) who used to be a farm milk maid. She picked up some baking bits and bobs, and off she went and turned it into a lovely business. 

The cakes and cookies are all made with free range eggs and natural colours and flavours. And they’re very affordable!

Just look at how sweet this little teatime pack is ❤


Me and my partner were in our local Co-op a few weeks ago, looking for some goodies to munch on while we watched The Great British Bake Off, when we stumbled across a little stand in a corner somewhere of Emma’s Country Cakes. For about £1.50 or £2.50, you can get a pack of lovely cookies and other bakes that are just so tasty. You don’t get that horrible full feeling after and nothing is too sweet or too sugary. In a weird way, they just take British!!

My personal favourites are the Welsh Cakes and the coconut and raspberry buns. Mmmmmm.


This is only a little post as I’m at work, but please please give them a try! We had them for GBBO again last night with some good ale (don’t go together but hey). They’re so tasty and adorable and it’s such a nice little business.




I do not own these images/products, they belong to Emma’s Country Cakes and were found on Google



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